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The official dAmnPride Group! Here to bring you all LGBT news related, updates for the chatroom, support, and a place to display your LGBT community related works!

If all you're looking for is a place to chat in safety, come join us in #dAmnPride!
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Nov 20, 2012


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20 Members
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Hello fellow dAmnPride Members! We have updated our rules so make sure you read them again in order to see what's changed. Yes, it's a little lengthy but it helps everyone in the chats. :la:

:bulletpink: #dAmnPride Chat Room Rules! :bulletpink:

Always remember that we follow both our own set of rules in dAmPride but we also follow Deviantart’s code of conduct. We ask that all members respect both sets of rules and follow both. If you are caught violating dA’s code of conduct, which is located at this link dAmn’s Rules. If you are found breaking any of dAmn’s rules, you will automatically be banned without a chance of appealing your case.

Our chat operates on a 3 strikes and you’re out policy. If you are warned and continue to break dAmnPride’s rules, you will eventually find yourself silenced and/or banned, depending on the severity of the rule breaking you committed.

:bulletpink:Member Conduct:bulletpink:

We ask that all members remain respectful to everyone, no matter the differencing opinions, thoughts and views someone has on a particular subject. Please do not ridicule members for their personal preferences, tastes and opinions. If you are found to be violating this rule, you will be kicked. If you violate this rule more than twice, you will be kicked and automatically silenced for a period of 15 minutes. If you continue to do harass members once being removed from the Silenced class, you will be automatically banned.

Since dA does have younger members on the site and oftentimes, young members find their way into the chats, we ask that you keep your conversations age appropriate for the members of the chat. Please do not talk about illegal activities, committing crimes, very sexual conversations nor very gruesome and violent issues. The mods on duty do reserve the right to ask you to discontinue your conversation if they deem it inappropriate for the audience of the chat.

dAmnPride should not and WILL NOT be used as a dating site to pick up people to date. If you are seen asking members to date them, etc, you will be warned. If you continue to violate the rule, the mods on duty reserve the right to either kick you or ban you.

Please remember that “sensitive topics” such as rape, suicide, abortion, murder, cutting/self harming or any of the combination can and do make some members uncomfortable. If a member asks you to politely drop the conversation, please do so. If it continues and a mod is notified, you will be silenced for a period of 15 minutes. If you continue the conversation once being re promoted into your proper group, mods will take appropriate steps in order to discontinue the conversation. This also means that you cannot make jokes about those topics. You will be warned if you are caught doing so. We would honestly prefer that you only discuss the legal side of these topics to keep it from offending other members but the nearest mod on duty does reserve the right to kick, silence and/or ban if the topic discussion does get out of hand.

We ask that members do NOT troll. What is trolling? Trolling is an act of cyber harassment and cyber bullying. We ask that you do not harass members or mods in dP or in other rooms that they may be in if you disagree with a decision that they made. Steps will be taken in order to verify the harassment. If you are caught harassing others in dP, you can be subjected to either silencing or banning, depending on the severity of the actions.

dAmnPride prides itself on being drama free. What does drama free mean in our chat? We ask that you do not bring any problems or negativity into our chat that comes from other rooms. If you find that a member that you do not like is in the chat, we ask that you refrain from taunting, harassing, trolling and/or bothering the said member in order to get a rise out of that person. You will be warned, kicked and eventually banned if you cannot refrain from doing so.

We are not grammar nazis nor spelling nazis but we do ask that you do NOT use text speak in our chat. We like being able to read conversations easily and not have to spend twenty minutes trying to figure out what you said if you use text speak. Net based acronyms however, are allowed. Acronyms such as “lol, brb, wtf, wth, lmao, omg” are allowed in the chats.

Members are asked to please speak English in the chats. We are an English speaking room. If a member has limited use of English, please notify the nearest mod on duty and they will try to sort things out.

Spamming the chat room is not allowed. We do not want our screens stretched nor see the same messages posted over and over again in hopes of getting members attention. If you stretch your letters so much it threatens to stretch everyone’s screens, you will be kicked. Members are also not allowed to use bold UNLESS they have previously obtained moderator permission. If you are unsure if you are about to spam the chat, please ask your nearest on duty mod about the question or comment.

We ask that members do not advertise random chat rooms to no one in general. If you want a particular member to go into a private chat then please tab that member and give them the chat name. We do ask to NOT ask each and every member you see come into dAmnPride to go into your chat.

Also, please do not advertise links outside the chats, such as Facebook links, dA links to commissions, sales or things like that unless you have previously obtained mod permission.

:bulletpink:Moderator to Member Conduct:bulletpink:

All instructions given by mods are expected to be followed, even if you do not agree with the said instruction(s). We ask that members do not argue with mods about a decision a mod made. If you have any questions, please screen cap the conversation and then to note xMotherMoonx with the comment, question, or concerns.

Please be respectful to the mods as well in this room. They devote time and energy into keeping the chat under order and to make sure that the room isn’t flooded with spam, harassment or anything of that sort. If you choose to be disrespectful to both members and mods, we will take the necessary steps in order to keep peace and order in the chat.

We do not allow members to use the “Ignore” command on mods. Members must be able to see what mods say to them and/or to all other members which means if you are caught using the ignore command, you will asked to remove it and be kicked. If you refuse to remove it, the mods on duty reserve the right to kick and/or ban if you continue to ignore what they ask you to do.

Please remember to let the mods know in the chat your sexual orientation and gender so that way they can place you into the correct group =) We ask that you DO NOT  post that information here on this journal! <3

:bulletpink: :bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: List of Sexual Orientations in our Room! :la:

:bulletgreen: Gays
:bulletgreen: Lesbians
:bulletgreen:  Bisexuals
:bulletgreen:  Heterosexuals
:bulletgreen:  Pansexuals
:bulletgreen:  Transsexuals
:bulletgreen:  Asexuals
:bulletgreen:  Polygenders
:bulletgreen: Unsures
:bulletgreen: Not Listed
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